Orddeling av aerial

Lurer du på hvor du skal dele det Engelske ordet aerial? Ordet kan bli delt i 3 deler, som vist under.


Definisjon av aerial:

A pass to a receiver downfield from the passer
An electrical device that sends or receives radio or television signals
Existing or living or growing or operating in the air
Aerial roots of a philodendron Aerial particles Small aerial creatures such as butterflies Aerial warfare Aerial photography Aerial cable cars
Characterized by lightness and insubstantiality
As impalpable or intangible as air Figures light and aeriform come unlooked for and melt away- Thomas Carlyle Aerial fancies An airy apparition Physical rather than ethereal forms

Synonym av aerial:

adj air
adj air
adj aeriform, airy, aery, ethereal, insubstantial, unsubstantial, unreal
nounforward pass, pass, passing play, passing game, passing
noun antenna, transmitting aerial, electrical device

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