Orddeling av loud

Prøver du å orddele loud? Ordet kan desverre ikke deles fordi det kun inneholder én stavelse


Definisjon av loud:

Characterized by or producing sound of great volume or intensity
A group of loud children Loud thunder Her voice was too loud Loud trombones
Tastelessly showy
A flash car A flashy ring Garish colors A gaudy costume Loud sport shirts A meretricious yet stylish book Tawdry ornaments
Used chiefly as a direction or description in music
The forte passages in the composition
With relatively high volume
The band played loudly She spoke loudly and angrily He spoke loud enough for those at the back of the room to hear him Cried aloud for help

Synonym av loud:

adj loud, big, blaring, blasting, clarion, deafening, earsplitting, roaring, thunderous, thundery, earthshaking, loud-mouthed, loud-voiced, shattering, shouted, yelled, vocal, audible, hearable, noisy
adj brassy, cheap, flash, flashy, garish, gaudy, gimcrack, meretricious, tacky, tatty, tawdry, trashy, tasteless
adj forte, fortemente, fortissimo
adv loudly, aloud

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