Orddeling av scope

Prøver du å orddele scope? Ordet kan desverre ikke deles fordi det kun inneholder én stavelse


Definisjon av scope:

An area in which something acts or operates or has power or control: the range of a supersonic jet
A piano has a greater range than the human voice The ambit of municipal legislation Within the compass of this article Within the scope of an investigation Outside the reach of the law In the political orbit of a world power
The state of the environment in which a situation exists
You can't do that in a university setting
A magnifier of images of distant objects
Electronic equipment that provides visual images of varying electrical quantities

Synonym av scope:

noun range, reach, orbit, compass, ambit, extent
noun setting, background, environment
noun telescope, magnifier
noun oscilloscope, cathode-ray oscilloscope, CRO, electronic equipment

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