Orddeling av tour

Prøver du å orddele tour? Ordet kan desverre ikke deles fordi det kun inneholder én stavelse


Definisjon av tour:

A journey or route all the way around a particular place or area
They took an extended tour of Europe We took a quick circuit of the park A ten-day coach circuit of the island
A time for working (after which you will be relieved by someone else)
It's my go A spell of work
A period of time spent in military service
Make a tour of a certain place
We toured the Provence this summer

Synonym av tour:

noun circuit, journey, journeying
noun go, spell, turn, shift, work shift, duty period
noun enlistment, hitch, term of enlistment, tour of duty, duty tour, time period, period of time, period
verb travel, journey

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