Orddeling av chicken

Lurer du på hvor du skal dele det Engelske ordet chicken? Ordet kan bli delt i 2 deler, som vist under.


Definisjon av chicken:

The flesh of a chicken used for food
A domestic fowl bred for flesh or eggs
Believed to have been developed from the red jungle fowl
A person who lacks confidence, is irresolute and wishy-washy
A foolhardy competition
A dangerous activity that is continued until one competitor becomes afraid and stops
Easily frightened

Synonym av chicken:

adj chickenhearted, lily-livered, white-livered, yellow, yellow-bellied, cowardly, fearful
noun poulet, volaille, poultry
nounGallus gallus, domestic fowl, fowl, poultry
noun wimp, crybaby, weakling, doormat, wuss
noun contest, competition

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